Western Australian Marron
About Us
The owners of Western Australian Marron have been involved in farming marron for over 15 years commercially and marketing of marron for 8 years.

Our business concentrates on supporting local marron growers and promoting the marron industry from the South West of Australia, the native home of marron. We aim to provide restaurants, caterers and seafood distributors with a high quality fresh live product.
We produce our own marron and also purchase marron from our local grower network whose production provides the supply needed to meet the domestic demand. We provide an avenue for marron growers to market their marron through our established clients.
We can also advise new growers on handling, farming, aeration and purging of marron. We also sell marron products such as marron feed and bait, traps, aeration compressors, packaging items such as polystyrene boxes, foam sheets and ice gel packs.